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That basically runs down the current climate in the major Tumblr fandoms with explanations about why the fandom is acting a certain way.

That way even if you aren’t part of fandoms that show up on your dash, you can still be aware of impending creyfests, ship wars, or celebrations.

this needs to be real.

Ok so

If I started this and combined it with the fandom welcome package idea, would anyone be willing to co-mod? I’d need SPN, MLP, Homestuck, Glee, and Hunger Games fans at the least, and it’d be nice to have people who overlap with the fandoms I can cover too, to ensure regular updates and make sure we have all the fics covered and stuff.

Drop a note in my ask/submit if you’re willing to do it. If you’re not, but you think it’s a good idea, reblog so others can see it?

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sorry for lack of and work, ya know….


idk, I’m sorry.

For my suffering fandom followers, I will end the MLP spam with this.

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[Image Description: colored drawing of the main ponies and Spike of My Little Pony as humans at a malt shop counter in the 1950s. Spike is behind the counter in uniform staring lovingly at Rarity while everyone else is on chairs in front of the counter. The ponies are all in blouses, poodle skirts with cutie marks on them, and saddle oxfords except for Rainbow Dash who is in a tee shirt of her cutie mark and cuffed jeans. From right to left: Rarity smirking at Spike, Rainbow Dash talking nonchalantly with her arm behind Fluttershy who is holding a malt and listening, Twilight Sparkle holding a book while speaking and gesturing excitedly, Applejack eating a slice of pie and wearing a hat, and Pinkie Pie happily drinking a malt.]


Ponies in the Malt Shop!  By me.


[Image Description: Humanized male Fluttershy standing with humanized male Rarity, both of them wearing sweaters and scarves. Fluttershy is smiling gently at Rarity, who has his arms crossed and shoulders hunched with an unimpressed, somewhat grumpy expression.]


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An anonymous Tumblr user asking "gender bender Pinkie and Dash :)"

Well, that’s not a question, but…

A drawing of humanized male Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie. Dash has light skin and rainbow hair and facial hair and is wearing a blue wifebeater. Pinkie Pie has light apricot skin and is wearing a pink jacket, blue shirt, and yellow suspenders while holding his arms out and shouting "TA-DAAA!"

((I think I made gb Dash much sexier than I intended. Also, I peg Pinkie as an ’80s fashion enthusiast.))

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[Image Description: a full body drawing of Pinkie Pie as a human with light pink skin holding a yellow balloon. Her outfit consists of a blouse, high shorts with suspenders, and shoes the colors of her pony self.]


I drew Pinkie Pie as a human again :p She’s too cute! Love Pinkie Pie and I like the idea of her wearing odd clothing and even possibly lolita style stuff (seeing as though that has a lot of sweet patters on it)

Just a quick image.


[Image Description: a bust of Rainbow Dash as a human with brown skin, looking to the side and smiling.]


found some time to get a quick drawing done on the computers in art class because my teacher has a (working) tablet. HERE IS… RAINBOW DASH? IT DOESN’T EXACTLY FIT MY HEADCANON FOR HER BUT I CAN’T DRAW TO REPRESENT MY ~MIND’S EYE~ SO THIS IS AS GOOD AS I CAN DO FOR NOW. rainbow is my favorite u v u 


twilight sparkle!! i decided to start including their school uniforms because they all aren’t coming from the same school!

i included spike to be kinda like a familiar..

she casts spells out of a book and he’s the one that attacks. his usual form is a little kid but there are spells to turn him into a dragon (heh„„„ he h) and other stuff. he wanders around with her but is invisible to anybody that isn’t mahou shoujo too