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so apparently Wendy’s supports Chick Fil A, who have recently made several statements about how they are staunchly anti-gay and ant-gay-marriage. Since their discriminatory ways were revealed, they’ve had to face boycotts and protests across the country

wendy’s wasnt even good anyways

Welp… Another restaurant I didn’t need to eat at anyways.

god fucking damn it these are the only two fast food restaurants whose chicken i can stand

Is this actually backed by any source, besides seeing a single chain do this? Like, I don’t ever eat at Wendy’s, so it doesn’t really matter, but I’m just curious to see if this has any actual source besides seeing the people at a single chain agreeing with them.

This CNN article confirms that multiple Wendy’s franchises are doing this. 

FUUUUCK and I actually liked Wendy’s food. Wtf guys?!

The stupid.  It actually burns.  With the fire of BBQ chicken.

Wendy’s has better chicken sandwiches than BK

and we don’t have a McDonalds nearby in my town

so conflicted

GDI, I actually like their food.  Oh well, there are other fish in the sea.  Hey, Wendy’s…

Just so everyone knows. 

Welp, that did it, life is no longer worth living

That article only says Wendy’s in NC and SC. Hoping it stays there, because Wendy’s is the only fast food place where I can get something that counts as an actual meal and is GF.

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    So that’s two places I won’t be eating at.
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    Ditto >:D ^
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    as a vegetarian, i don’t even have to care! >:D
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    That’s one franchised store you dingleberries
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    It makes me sad how food is political now. If I want to enjoy some juicy cock between two fawking buns I should be able...
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    ^What Tim said.
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    fucking ridiculous. bye wendys.
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    Fuck DAAAMN. I wonder if my Wendy’s knows cuz.everyone up in there are studs, except a FEW random hetero people
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    But frosties!
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    BUT I JUST GOT ADDICTED TO THEIR FROSTIES God dammit. Why can’t people just mind their own fucking business. Who the...
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    i hated wendys before so
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    noooo but I like wendy’s.
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    Well according to the article, it was some Wendy’s restaurants in the Carolinas, so I doubt the company itself/its...
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    Why does it even fucking matter?!
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    *sighs in exasperation* Welp. We need a list of confirmed places’ stances on civil rights and such. I mean where they’ve...
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    Meh. I never really liked Wendy’s to begin with. :I
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    Okay, there’s another place I’m not gonna eat.
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